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Orangenius is an online platform and community that believes in the collaborative nature of creative work. We want to recognize all the creatives, makers, doers and behind-the-scenes supporters that go into every project. It’s our connections, contacts and collaborators that make us an A-to-Z resource for the creative industry. You are a creative genius and you belong with us.

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Give Credit. Get Credit.

Give credit to your colleagues on a job well done. Invite your colleagues and collaborators to share credit with you.

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Make the business of making art easier on yourself.

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    Our Connection Hub allows creatives to connect with the people that can drive their business. Companies can use our robust search tool to find the talent they need to get the job done or can post and manage jobs on our job boards. Creatives can research companies to discover those that are the best fit and use our dynamic portfolio or comp card features to contact them. Applying for jobs has never been this efficient and easy.

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Application: Chief Creative Officer

Lionel Dobie

Referral: Lead Photographer at Chelsea Deardon Art.

Maude Lebowski

Collaborator Request: The Rug

Adele Lack

Message Subject: Small Request

Learn About the Business of Art.

The information you need to be successful without the business and legal jargon.

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